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Love is in the Air

Valentine's Day is around the corner and many of you might be celebrating with your partner. But as you spend the day showing your love, we hope you can do the same for our planet. Here are some ways to be a little more eco-conscious:

  1. Potted Plant Instead of a whole bouquet or even a single stalk, how about something that they can take care of and keep for much longer.

  2. Say No to Wrapping Paper Wrapping paper is often used only once and it becomes such a waste. Try to avoid using them if you can, it's a small way to help reduce some trash. If you do use it, perhaps you could reuse, recycle or repurpose it.

  3. Cards If it's possible, you could try forgoing cards. But if you really wanna gift one, maybe you could make one instead of buying it. Not only do you save money and resources, you get to express your creativity and sincerity.

  4. Make something Besides buying gifts, you can always make something. You could even repurpose something of your own into something for them. Some examples include: blankets, jewellery, bags, etc.

  5. Cook/Bake

An alternative to eating out, you could cook or bake for your loved one. Or even better, you guys can do it together. It's not just a great meal, money-saver or better for the environment. But it can also make for a sweet date or fun activity with your significant other.

We hope these ideas offer you some inspiration for your date. And that you enjoy this lovely day.


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